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L'Oculus Quest est le premier casque de réalité virtuelle autonome qui prend en charge le suivi 6DOF avec des caméras situées sur le casque lui-même. Le casque Oculus Quest est sorti en mai 2019 dans des modèles de 64 et 128 Go.

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Can I fix A Sun damaged lens on my quest 2

I’ve recently gone on holiday and I got my quest 2 out for 2 seconds to switch it off as I forgot and it kept going off in my bag but now there’s a yellow light in the lens and I think it’s Sun damage is there any way I can fix it by replacing the lenses

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how di i fix sundamage


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The lens isn’t damaged, it’s the display.

The light from the sun was focused onto the display by the Fresnel lenses, and Fresnel lenses are really good at burning stuff with the sun (you can look up a few videos on YouTube).

This doesn’t fall under Oculus’s warranty support, so you’ll have to replace the display.

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I put my partners quest 2 in the sun for a second and now it has two yellow spots in the screen is this fixable by any chance

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Can you guys help me please my oculus has damage I see a yellow dot and it’s annoying can you guys help me, thank you

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