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Sony Handycam HDR-CX405 camcorder released in 2015. 1080p mp4 and XAVC video recording 9.2 megapixel still image recording.

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cracked casing around triPod attachment - seeking parts

it seems that the tripod was manhandled because the cm around the attachment point is damaged, with cracks radiating outwards. this is the replacement part i want - but it says its unavailable and i can’t find it on another website.

does anyone know of another website that might stock it? or another model’s cabinet that would fit my handycam HDR-Cx405?

thanks in advance.

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@morris000 the only thing you can really do is to either see if encompass can get it for you eventually (looks like 10 days) or if you can find it anywhere else by searching by the part number A-2067-229-A . The part is specific to this model no other models uses it.

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