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Ripped cable connecting (damaged) display to phone - worth fix?

After dropping my phone, it developed the three lines as shown in the attached image. It didn’t have any other issues than this and the screen itself was not cracked. However, whilst opening the phone I accidentally ripped the cable shown in the second image. Is there any point in trying to fix this? I have already ordered a replacement screen but if it turns out I am able to replace the cable and fix the issue of the lines then that would be great. Thanks!

Block Image

Block Image

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The cable that was damaged was from the front sensor/FaceID? Not soldered onto the screen, however the issue with the original screen is a damaged OLED panel. And any replacement front sensor assembly will stop FaceID from working unless the security chip is resoldered over.

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Ah ok, thank you for explaining that to me. I will probably have needed to replace the screen anyway I suppose.


Yep the lines across the screen is indicative of damage to the OLED, and this cannot be replaced easily, or is simply not worth it for the cost of a replacement OLED only instead of OLED and Digitizer(entire screen assembly). The screen is probably worth replacing along with the front sensor assembly, however FaceID will no longer work with this solution. You could bring your device into a reputable repair shop capable of microsoldering, and they may be able to fix the FaceID flex but I can't imagine it would be cheap...


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@hacknslash730 no you can’t replace the cable since that is “Very” soldered to the display assembly and consider it part of it. Replacing your display assembly should resolve all the issues. Since you are already working on it I do not think that suggesting you go to the Apple store etc. is a somewhat moot point. Anyhow, follow the directions given on here Remplacement de l’écran de l'iPhone XS Max for a successful repair

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Yeah fair enough, thank you!


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If your phone is in warranty or if you paid $ 5.99 for AppleCare + coverage, your iPhone is covered for up to two incidents of accidental damage with just $ 29 extra for the screen repair, so use absolutely Apple to fix this broken screen.

You can bring a damaged iPhone to an Apple store or authorized service provider for a screen replacement, which can often be done the same day, or you can ship your iPhone to Apple in a shipping box provided at your request. . Expect to be without your phone for a long and exhausting week, but if you live in an area without easy access to Apple stores or partner locations, this is a good option.

If your iPhone doesn't have a coverage plan, you can try taking it to a cheaper screen repair shop. Just make sure to back up the iPhone to iCloud first because you never know if the low rate transaction might end up accidentally damaging your phone. If this happens, it can also void any iPhone warranties you have.

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