iMac not turning on. Can it be DC cable harness issue? LED 1 present

I’m having issue with my iMac 27” 2011.

There is LED 1 light but it would not turn on.

I changed power supply, but same issue, LED 1 presents. (This power supply WORKED on other iMac)

I changed Logic Board, but same issue, LED 1 still presents. Changed the button battery (CR 2032) but same issue.

Even tried power button troubleshooting with wiring two pins together. Confirmed that it’s not the power button issue.

So my last resort is, can it be DC cable harness? (the cable connects Power Supply to Logic Board & LED-backlight board) Do Cable Harness go bad over time?(given this computer is almost 10 yrs old) Will it cause LED 1 to light on but would not turn on LED 2, 3, 4? What are the main symptoms of faulty DC cable harness?

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