LCD not powering on.

Problem - LCD is not powering on. The logo at the back is also not working. I am able to connect it to external displays and work without any issues but all mobility is lost. I am not even able to see the LCD in the list of displays that are connected to the system. I got the battery and fans replaced recently but the guy was not able to diagnose the issue. The LCD was working fine and one day it just stopped working.

Things that I have tried

  1. PRAM reset.
  2. Trying different types of restarts.
  3. The flashlight test is negative - There is no image. Not even remotely.

History - My mac is always connected to two external screens which are working fine right now as well. Since it’s been 6 years, the mac has slowed down a little so I use it upside down most of the time with it its flap closed for better ventilation. I was cooling it using ice (the CPU and GPU temperatures were high - 95 degrees celsius) wrapped in a towel and I think a couple of drops of water may have gone into it.

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