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Samsung TV model UN49KU7000FXZA. HELP

Samsung TV model un49ku7000fxza. They didn't have my tv on the list on this site so I wrote it in.

Left side flashing white and the rest of the screen is black and unresponsive to anything I try. The red light won't turn on, remote won't work with the tv at all. No damage as far as I know. Gaming uses mostly. Was ok last night when I was on, but when I woke up it was “off” and doing the left side flashing thing.

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This will be a problem with the LCD panel or the connections to the edge of the glass. There’s a faint chance you might be able to insert some sort of packing to press those connections onto the glass (essentially, they’re attached with a kind of conductive adhesive) but it is only a very long shot I’m afraid. A replacement LCD panel, even if you could get it, would probably cost as much as a new TV.

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@hunt3r0b disconnect the main board from the power board. See if that stops the blinking and if all of your back lights come on (which should). You can see the backlights through to holes in the back of the panel. This could be an issue with the power board (since you said the red light would not come on) it is also possibly a T-con error or, like was mentioned already, a bad panel. Post a couple of good pictures of all of your boards with your question. That way we can see what you see.

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