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The screen has a blue tint to it and no color adjustments.

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Philips TV Model 55PFL5402/F7 . Reset to factory settings no help. Unable to change color with Blue, red or green on screen controls. What is the TVs problem??

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Jeff possibly the backlight strips. All LED’s start out as Blue and are then coated. If that coating fails you get more blue/purple hue. Post an image of what your screen looks like so we can see what you see. Ajout d'images à une question existante

You would have to replace the backlight strips to remedy the blue.

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Posted the TV image. Thanks for response


Now that is blue. this is more than just a blue hue from bad backlights. Dang, it's blue:-) Anyhow this is a case where I would at minimum switch out the T-con board and see if that corrects it. Of course, you did set your menu properly and made sure your adjustments are okay.


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