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Informations de réparation et de démontage pour l'iPhone SE de deuxième génération, annoncé et mis sur le marché en avril 2020.

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Phone keeps restarting itself after house/screen replacement

I replaced the housing and screen for an iPhone SE 2020, but the phone keeps shutting off and rebooting itself. I’ve tried disconnecting the front camera, charging port, wireless charger, and antenna, and it keeps doing that. Does anyone have any suggestions about what I can do?

I have a new charging flex cable coming in to be replaced, so that might be the issue for me, even though I have it disconnected from the main motherboard. The battery itself measures at 3.7V.

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Hey there, this is a common issue on iPhone X and above models when the housing is replaced or the back glass is changed or the earpiece is changed or the power button strip. Would you be able to provide me with the Panic Log so I can check it and probably pinpoint the issue? You will find Panic Logs in Settings -> Privacy -> Analytics & Improvements -> Analytics Data -> and Search for panic-full-xxxx-xxxx.ips and attach screenshots of the latest available panic log. Cheers!

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Is there a specific part of the log you want to see? It's extremely long, but here are a couple of pictures from the top of the log:

I also have the .ips for it if you want to see that.


As per the log its a charging port issue, Try a known good OEM pulled charging port and let me know!


@iammyron07 I suspected that that was causing the issue, but wasn't 100% sure. I have one on the way from repairpartsUSA, so hopefully that fixes all my issues. Thank you for confirming!


You're welcome, Always happy to help! :D


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