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La Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), ou simplement Super Nintendo, est une console de jeu 16 bits lancée par Nintendo en 1990. La Super Nintendo était l'une des meilleures ventes de son époque et compte encore aujourd'hui beaucoup de fans.

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Games only play in black and white.

Whenever I start the console, the games have no color. It only plays in black and white. It must be a problem with my console because I've tried playing the games on a friend's SNES and they played in full color.

I have tried all the suggestions in this iFixit post, any other suggestions?

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instructor armijo, you tried the suggestion by Gargantua Blargg from the same question?


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Check the connection to the TV. It has the cable you screw into the back of the TV, not the colored cables, right? The same thing happens with my Sega Genesis if it's not screwed in far enough.

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its not compatible with the av connection

try a different av input on your tv

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