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Toutes les réparation du rafistolage d'un trou au remplacement d'une fermeture éclair sur des pantalons de la marque Patagonia.

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Fleetwith Romper Rip Repair?

My 4 month old teething puppy snagged the pant of my brand spanking new Fleetwith Romper just below the pocket and I am so upset! This is the first new garment I have bought since the start of this pandemic and it was a splurge. How do I repair a rip in this type of fabric?

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Hard to say without seeing the garment first or pictures. It important to evaluate the damaged area to take the best approach of repair method. You could first try taking it to a tailor or you could send it to us for evaluation/repair. Cruise on over to our repairs page to start the process.

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