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Camera won't turn off

Hi, after a trip with tons of stress, running around and a little bit of rain. I came back home and my camera won't turn on. May you please help me? How much do you think the repair can cost? I already tried every single tips online.

Thank you for your help

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You must be stressed.

It doesn't turn off or doesn't turn on, please clarify?


Hi, sorry, yes, I meant the camera does not turn on


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Did the camera get wet at all?

Water and electronics are not a good mix. The impurities in the water creates circuit paths for the power in the camera which were not in its operating design and could damage them. It also causes corrosion to occur as well.

Do not attempt to turn on the camera any more and remove the battery to prevent further damage from occurring. Then you will need to disassemble and clean away any corrosion using Isopropyl Alcohol 99%+ (available from electronics parts stores). See information links below for how to disassemble etc.

Hopefully after doing this the camera will work again.

If doing this seems too daunting, contact a reputable, professional camera repair service, experienced in liquid damage repair and ask for a quote.

If the camera didn’t get wet, since you tried everything online (including replacing the battery and checking that the battery terminals in the camera are clean etc?), then you may have to open the camera and first check that the battery terminals are still connected to the power board in the camera.

This is just to prove that there is power available to the camera. After that you may have to check if the camera’s On/Off switch is working electrically. After this it becomes harder.

Here’s some information which may help to do this:

i). service manual Unfortunately it doesn’t have the schematics for the camera but it shows how all the boards are connected etc.

ii). This link shows how to disassemble the camera which may also help.

iii). Ifixit Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 guide

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