Danby Freezer Model DCF401W looses coolness

I have a small chess freezer Danby Model DCF401W. I lost everything in the freezer.

I have then ran a test. I unplugged it cleaned it and plugged it back. The temp went down to -18c and stayed there for about 24h. Then the temp went back up considerably slowly (over -2c before I proceeded with more test). I tested the thermostats with a voltmeter and it seems to work fine. I let the freezer unplugged for a couple of hours and plugged it back. It is now back to -18c!?! Could the thermostat only work randomly? It seems to be a fairly simple system: Thermostat, capacitor and compressor (No fan). Ideas?

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Based on pics I've looked up, on the lower left there is a small grate. In there should be the compressor, condenser coil, and fan. You'll need to check the coil in there to see if it is dirty. Also, when the temp starts climbing, see if the condenser fan is running. Let me know what you find.


@brandon_k Thanx Brandon for the quick response. I did open the small grate and there is the compressor but the system is fanless. The whole area is clean.


Next time it goes down, check voltages. Is compressor running when it stops cooling? Is the compressor getting voltage from tstat when it stops cooling?


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