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Device repair guides for the 2018 Motorola Moto Z3 smartphone, model number XT1929-17.

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How can I access my phones functions when the LCD display is broke?

Thank you, in advance, to all that are able to provide a solution. The issue is, I dropped my phone on the gas station floor the other day (total face plant) and slowly the screen display started to fade away. I knew it was coming (been there a time or two) so I made sure to back up everything while I could so that I would have everything for the replacement. I’m due for an upgrade anyway, so I guess it could be worse. However, I forgot about my Company’s security feature that sends a text to my phone to confirm when I log in. I have a Fitbit connected to the device, so I figured that I would just read the code off of it, no worries. Wrong!! I forgot that when the phone resets, for any reason, I have to enter my security pin before any of the apps/functions/notifications will work. I tried to enter it, based on digit location memory, but was unsuccessful. Since I don’t want to completely lock myself out, if I haven’t already, I figured I would go to the web to get suggestions. Anyone….anything???? I just need to make it 3 more days and I’ll have my new phone.

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You would have to do a screen replacement to get the phone to work

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Thank you! I figured as much but don't really want to spend the extra money on a phone that is almost obsolete anyway. I wasn't sure if there could be a way to access things by connecting to my computer or anything. Or, even just to be able to access the messenger app. Thanks again!


Contact a local repair shop they might have a data recovery fee where they repair phone to get data off


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