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Informations sur la réparation et le démontage du smartphone Android phare S20+ de Samsung, sorti en mars 2020.

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Is there a way to order genuin samsung replacement port from samsung?

I have a taiwan model of S20 plus, is there anyway i can fin and order a genuine s20 plus charging port for G9860?

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Sadly I don’t think so, at least anymore. At one point you could order screens and batteries from them, but now I don’t think you can. This is why we NEED right-to-repair. As long as it’s a high-quality 3rd party charge port like the ones from this site it should be okay.

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i ordered a few on ebays, none of them work even if the model is exact same. its charges fine but somehow no network....

does ifixit sell samsung parts? can you give me a link? cant find it


Looks like iFixit only sells the normal S20 charge port board, so unless you want to do microsoldering, then you’re out of luck unless you send it to a professional.


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