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Need to ID usb1 micro board on NOCO battery booster

I have NOCO GB40 1000w battery booster. The micro USB is damaged and I desoldered the USB 6 pin board but cannot find a replacement. The id numbers on the board are ***pt2064b2 20150429 / an-1406003lf Help!!

Block Image


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Je veux acheter là pièces


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@tesoro does not look like that board is available on the open market. Of course you can always try places like ebay etc. and see if anybody offers a used on for sale. I would suggest you just replace the micro USB port on your existing board. Use something like this video to help you with that. Replacement ports should be available at places like or I noticed on your picture that the top right solder connections looks like you got a bit to much hit (could be just the picture) You don’t want to lose that pad.

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Thanks! I should have left the board on the pcb! now to see if I can salvage the board. If I had only seen that video before hand! you guys are great.


Hey I have the same problem I removed the damaged female USB port but haven't found a replacement. Any ideas ?


@frank E you have checked places like or You will need to measure the dimension and the pin pitch to match it. It's tedious but should be possible.


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