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Dewalt 20v/60v flexvolt 6ah battery

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Dewalt dcb606 Doesn’t charge at all

When I plug it in, it will flash once and then the light will fade out and won’t do anything. Second battery to do this. I have a second dcb606 that does the same thing.

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@mathewshap81261 not sure why this just popped up in Answer but here it is. This is just for completion sake. Yor charger may not recognize the batteries due to the battery charge controller IC not reporting it. This can be if the battery is discharged below the IC's set threshold. Sometimes, you can "wake" the battery up by connecting a full battery to the empty ones for a few seconds. Connect B+ to B+ and B- to B- DO NOT KEEP IT ON FOR LONGER THAN A FEW SECONDS. This should reset the EEPROM in the battery.

Of course, there is always the possibilities of failed cells and just being a bad battery. There are ways to rebuild them but it's a bit more complex :-)

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