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The GV30 is a smartwatch produced by Ecommerica as an Apple Watch clone. The GV30 smartwatch was first made available in August 2015.

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One day the watch fell in the water and then it is not working

How to fix it please fix it ?

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That's a start. Getting rid of the water is the right move, but I would add disconnect the battery if you can get the device open. Omit the rice and dry it up with a paper towel as best you can, leave it to dry.

However. If damage was already done to circuitry, drying it out will not undo the existing damage. It does prevent further damage. And maybe you'll get lucky and it will turn on. But in my experience this isn't the case.

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take the back cover off and put in in a container of instant rice for a week or two. once the water is gone it should work. if not you will probably need a new battery

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