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L'Oculus Quest est le premier casque de réalité virtuelle autonome qui prend en charge le suivi 6DOF avec des caméras situées sur le casque lui-même. Le casque Oculus Quest est sorti en mai 2019 dans des modèles de 64 et 128 Go.

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Why is my oculus going black every 30 seconds?!

While wearing my oculus, it goes black every 30 seconds or so, and I have to physically take it off my head and put it back on for it to come back on.

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I'm gonna add to this post for any passers by, since this is an older thread.

This is a software bug I've experienced before.

Just like graphics drivers on High-end computers not liking to be stacked with updates, the early software versions for the Oculus Quest also doesn't like it, and it tends to get internal parts of the software corrupted.

To resolve this, You'll likely want to connect your headset to a computer, and get any files you need off of the headset. Search on Google where certain games have Save Data stored on the headset so you can back them up to your computer to restore later. Once you're done doing this part, you're ready to Reset.

  • Power off the headset.
  • Once the headset has shut down, hold the Power button and the Volume Down button ("-") at the same time.

The headset will power back on and you will see a screen that looks like this shortly after in the headset.

Block Image

Use the Volume Buttons to navigate up and down the menu, and the Power button to interact with the Selected menu item.

  • Select "Factory Reset" in the menu and confirm the Reset by selecting "Yes, erase and factory reset"

After doing this the headset should begin to erase it's internal storage and will boot up into first time setup once it's done.

Let the headset update if needed during setup with a mobile device or standalone.

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Is it Plugged into a PC?
If so, you have to many things plugged in to your pc for it,

Windows has trouble with that

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It is not plugged into anything.


maybe its the graphics card or the intergrated graphics if it has it


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