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Samsung A70 dropped - black screen and no data connection via USB


My girlfriend dropped her Samsung A70 on the hard floor and phone hit the edge. The screen cracked little bit and it is black now. I tried to recover all data from the phone memory but when I connected it to the PC its is not recognized. PC doesn’t even detect that some device was connected. I tried to connect phone via USB to my monitor screen and also via USB - HDMI adapter to TV. It didn’t work.
The phone is fully charged and when I press power button it vibrates. Today morning an alarm clock went off .
I removed back and checked all cables. I reconnected battery and main cable, press power button and phone vibrates as usual.
Does new screen with digitizer help mi to turn my phone on or is there something damaged in the mainboard, USB board …etc?



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@peter_k_sk yes you will need to replace the display. Without seeing the display you do not know which state your phone is in and if you cannot “unlock” the screen, your computer will most likely not recognize the device. It may need your “input”. Replace the screen and while you do so check for additional damage. Let us know what you find.

Changer l'écran du Samsung Galaxy A70

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Thank you for reply. I have purchased new screen as you suggested.




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