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A Sony turntable that can convert the music on records into MP3 files via a USB connection.

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Speed adjustment potentiometer stuck?

Hey all, I’m trying to adjust the speed on my PS-LX310BT, which has the same speed adjustment mechanism as the LX300USB, and the speed adjustment potentiometer feels like it’s stuck. I can stick a screwdriver into the speed adjustment hole and hit the potentiometer itself, but either it’s stuck or turning it has no effect. I’m not familiar with potentiometers in anything but guitars, so I don’t know what could be going on here.

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Is the turntable rotating? Is the drive belt good?

Just replacing the potentiometer is a possible solution.


Yep, turntable's rotating and (as far as I know) the belt is OK. Everything's in perfect working order, except for the fact that it plays a bit fast and I can't adjust it because of this potentiometer issue.


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Okay, I finally figured it out. After removing the bottom of the turntable to get to the motor, I found that you need a really small screwdriver to actually get all the way into the hole and turn the potentiometer. I’m not sure what the exact size is, though I think a precision screwdriver that’s a few inches long will fit through the bottom of the turntable. I’ve got it all dialed in now, and it works perfectly! Thanks for the video, Mike.

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Are you sure you have the screwdriver in the correct hole? One for 45rpm and one for 33 rpm.

I just spotted this video on speed adjustment for that model:

I don’t have a service manual but I suppose it could have a digiPOT:

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