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Lancé le 20 septembre, le plus grand et plus cher smartphone Apple de l'année 2019 impressionne avec son écran OLED de 6,5 pouces, sa caméra à triple objectif et l'amélioration de l'autonomie de sa batterie. Il succède à l'iPhone XS Max.

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Will the LCD Screen Replacement Cause Board Damage?

Hello everyone, new here.

So, i have a completely destroyed iPhone 11 Pro Max that i would really like to fix up to avoid it becoming just more e-waste. Question is, i’ve done a bit of research on LCD displays retrofitted onto OLED iPhones and from what i see they usually cause board damage because of more power draw, but i wanted to find out if this magically happens to not be the case with the iFixit display.

Thanks a bunch for all the help!

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The issue is on a OLED the backlight pulls more power to give bright displays. however not all backlight leds are created equally so this is something you may want to call ifixit about.

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