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The ASUS Essentio is a tower PC manufactured by ASUS, identifiable by the model number CM6870. Released in 2012.

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What is the ASUS support CD?

I am getting a screen that says the following when I turn on the computer;

“WARNING! BIOS Recovery mode has been detected. Please put the file “CM6870.CAP" into HDD or a removable USB media device, and then reset your computer. You can also insert ASUS Support CD to your CD-ROM and reset your computer. If you have done these, please wait a moment and don't shutdown system!!! System will be automatically rebooted.”

I'm really confused because I can't seem to find anywhere to download “CM6870.CAP”, and I don't know what the ASUS Support CD is referring to. I got this computer from a friend a few years ago and this was very sudden. I really don't know what to do. Any help is appreciated.

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Do you have an empty USB flash drive and a working computer running Windows?


@andrewsawesome I have a USB drive, but not another Windows computer. I have a MacBook though


@charaflower sounds like that is the DVD that came with the computer and has the drivers etc. on it. Check the manual on here See if page 61 helps you recovering your system, since it should have a recovery partition, unless of course your drive has failed etc. Let us know what you find out.



Can you get into the BIOS by pressing and holding the <Del> just powering on? If yes you can update the BIOS from the Internet


here's the file you want:

The file will need to be unzipped to get the .cap file and can be copies to the root of the hard drive. The "Root" is files on the hard drive BEFORE opening any folders.


@aactech How would I copy it to the root of the hard drive? I can't get into BIOS, since pressing any buttons on the keyboard doesn't seem to be working. (it worked fine before the computer stopped working)


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  1. Format your flash drive as FAT32
  2. Download the BIOS onto the by going here and click “download” next to the latest BIOS version. Save the ZIP file to the flash drive.
  3. Extract the ZIP file into the flash drive
  4. Run the renaming utility. If this can't be run, name the file CM6870.cap(remove the existing extension).
  5. Eject the flash drive from your computer.
  6. Insert the flash drive into the non-booting PC.
  7. Turn on or restart the motherboard.
  8. When asked, press F1.
  9. In the BIOS screen, press F5, then press OK.

Service article here

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Hi @charaflower07

Lets try a different tact.

  • Switch power off (should be a switch on the power supply at the rear of computer)

* ****** Unplug power cord. ******

  • Press main power button on front of computer.

* Open up the side panel from the case and take out the coin size - can’t miss it between the CPU and the memory sticks. If you look closely at it you will see a little bit of metal jutting out over the coin battery. Press this back and the battery should pop out. Press power buton

What we are attempting to do is factory reset the BIOS. Yours may have become corrupted by a power surge, accidentally shutting, system crash, etc.

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