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Why is only one headphone playing and the other not?

Whenever I turn on the Bluetooth on my Bose SoundLink 2 headphones, only the right speaker works and the sound comes out, but the left speaker doesn’t work and no sound comes out. Whenever I plug in the cable, it’s the opposite. The left speaker works while the right one doesn’t. I think it has to do with the halfway point between the left and right speaker, but I don’t know how to repair it. Please help.

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JOSHU BUGAS there should be a crossover cable going from the Right to the Left speaker. You will have to remove the ear cushion and remove the speakers from both side. Check the cable between both of them with a multi meter for continuity. Check the soldering of the wires on both sides to make sure it is still intact. Something like this video will at least get you into the headphone for a check. Post some good pictures once you have it partially disassembled, with your QUESTION. That way we can see what you see and hopefully help you further. Ajout d'images à une question existante

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