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The original Macintosh desktop computer, initially released as the "Apple Macintosh" in 1984.

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Speaker makes a ticking noise, no chimes or video.

I’m trying to get my old 128K Mac up and running. All the boards/caps look good. I do not have the backup battery installed but it is on order. However, when I power it up, the speaker makes a noise like tic, tic, tic over and over and there is no chime or video. Any ideas?

Update (12/16/2021)

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Are you booting up from a floppy disk?


I didn't even try putting a disk in yet. I was expecting to see the screen on and the Mac insert disk icon.


@kozchris post some good pictures of the PCB etc. with your QUESTION. This sounds like an issue with the caps, memory etc. as well as possibly a power supply issue. There are a lot of miles on the Mac and I would definitely suggest a total recap on it. Remember, this beast packs a lot of punch on the PCB so be careful when you mess with it. It does create some pretty high voltages.

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I added some pictures. Some rust/dust on the HV transformer area but not seeing any capacitor leaks. Should I expect to see the signs of a capacitor leak? I thought about re-capping, if necessary, but after seeing all the white goo on the caps it seems like it would be a pain. Is the re-capping difficult?


Thanks for the info everyone. Looks like I will need to recap.


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@kozchris there is no real pinpoint answer for this. This could be anything just based on the age of it. It all will depend on how many miles it has on it and how degraded some of the components are. Capacitors for example may look fine but are so degraded that they will have to be replaced. Use a good capacitance/ESR meter to see what is going on with them. I would recap the board just to make sure. also a gentle re soldering of other connections might prove beneficial. This is a great project and here are some schematics and documents that might be useful to your task.

The goop around the caps and other component is a PITA and requires a couple of dental picks and a bit of heat. Let us know from time to time how the projects is coming along.

Macintosh 128k.512k

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