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Samsung's wireless earbuds. Released in March of 2019 with the Samsung Galaxy S10 phones.

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My left bud will drop to 0% battery after 10 minutes of use.

Left bud shutting down after 10 minutes of use. Wearable app shows it starts on full battery and then rapidly drains to shut down after 10 minutes. I then place it back in the case for a few seconds and it shoots back up to +- 80% battery. Is it a bad battery on this bud? The right bud is working perfectly fine…

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Replace your battery, it is bad. Make sure you drain your battery evertime before you charge. It's bad and hard on the battery if you keep charging it once it gets to 76% or anywhere down below 100

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Thanks for the info. They were pre-owned so I think the damage was already done. Will replace the battery.


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