New battery installed, still failures during charging

I have an Apple Watch series 1 where my old battery was swollen and popped out the screen. I have ordered a new battery from ifixit and installed it. Followed the guide from here and charged it to 100% then depleted. It was working for like 2 days but then during the next charge it did not charge to 100% but only to 93. We have depleted it again till the red charging icon appeared. Next tried to juice it up but nothing has happened for many hours. Suddenly after a day on the charger it came alive and the charge was right to 100%. It was working again for some days then the issue happened again. I have taken the watch apart again checked the cables but everything seems to be perfect. Also reset the watch to factory but the same issue still happening: by putting the watch on the charger it is displaying the charging icon but stops at a lower percentage like 60 then by depletion we have to keep the watch on the charger for several hours. Is there anything I should try?

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