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Repair and modification information for the Creality CR-10S Pro, a 3D printer from the CR-10 series released in 2019. This first version was succeeded by the CR-10S Pro V2.

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I need help in replacing my nozzle and bowden tube in printer

I am looking for someone to help tweek my 3d printer. I recently had to change a nozzle from a clog and it is not printing as good as before the clog. I live in RI. I can bring my printer to them ot they can come to my house.Thanks

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where are you at im in colorado


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Hello! so to replace the bowden tube and nozzle, you want to heat up the nozzle to around 170C. then use the small wrench in your creality kit to unscrew the nozzle (youll need to unscrew it clockwise i think)

to remove the bowden tube, you'll need to

first remove the blue clips from the tube (from the extruder side and the hotend side)

push down in the white plastic nut/part till you hear a soft click

pull the tube you

another way is to use the large wrench to unscrew the big nut on either side of the tube

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