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Released in December 2018, the View 20 features a 6.4 inch IPS LCD 1080 x 2310 pixel display.

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Can I replace the screen using the same adhesive it came with

I have two phones an iPhone and a android for work. My work phone recently got damaged my special needs sister got in a tantrum and threw my phone.

I work in a business answering important calls and so fourth. My work phone has all my work information on there.

I’ve luckily got two spare screen replacements and a tool kit. I know how to replace the screen. Like many others my paycheck dont arrive till the last day of the month. I can’t afford adhesive glue or tape for my phone. Am i still able to use the old adhesive on my phone to glue the new screen back to it? Luckily, ive got two days of so i need a reply asap please.

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Most devices I have repaired once the glue is off it is off and is ment to be replaced every time the device is opened. So from experience I would say no because if there is any adhesive left on the device and you reuse it your screen could fall out and smash resulting in another new screen, due to the adhesive loosing it's stick. Also if your phone is waterproof then most likely the phone will have no resistance to water. So be carefull.

Using no adhesive can cause even bigger issues down the line.

Hope you manage to get some adhesive soon.

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