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Battery of Tichwatch PRO 3 GPS?

Hi, i need to replace the battery of Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS , which model is it? Also i need the part number

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Need tickwatch s battery replacement


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For the past ticwatch models these particular batteries were used : (for 1st gen pro LSSP452929SF) also noticed that alternative replacement batteries went by SP452929SF.

For the ticwatch 2 the SP372728SE was used.

Sadly could not find what exact battery was used in the 3 pro but there is a slight chance of interchangeability - unfortunately most of the third party/replacement batteries for the ticwatches are in the 400mah range rather than the 577mah of the 3pro.

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Sadly as far as i know, there is no replacing it's battery. the battery drains due to it's wear os app version. un install it in the watch playstore and reboot the watch. The Wear os v2.38 and a few others kill the battery. go back to the 2.20s and watch the battery be how it use to. Hope this helps.


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