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The Sega Game Gear portable gaming device was released in 1991 in competition with the Nintendo Game Boy.

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Would this game gear work with new capacitors?

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I am wondering what is wrong with my Sega Game Gear and if it would work with a new screen and capacitors. Looking at the pictures the only thing wrong with it is the picture has bars in it and some of the parts in the lower right and left corners have some brown stuff on them. Also one of the pictures shows a exposed wire and I am wondering if this has caused damage or if I just need to add some tape on it. You can see the game play on the screen from a angle from the bottom but the top part of the screen is blank.


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@kwjameblond could very well be. "have some brown stuff on them" that is the first thing you want to clean. I'd remove the board and clean it with some high grade isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush. Looks like a bit of liquid damage or some sticker goop which may just shorten out the contacts. So, don't use it or power it up but clean it first.

Measure the wire with an ohmmeter and see if you have continuity. If so, put some electrical damage around the damaged area.


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The fact that you can still see the game is probably a good sign.
I would give it a try since the game gear is infamous for various problems related to bad caps.
The brown stuff in the picture seems to be glue so don’t worry about that.

I would still clean the board when you take off the old caps since there could be electrolytic fluid that leaked.

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