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Fiesta won’t start after battery change

After my daughter failed her driving test for the second time she lost hart hand her 61 plate fiesta sat for 3 months. When I encouraged her to try again the car would not start so I had to jump it. I replaced the battery a week later but now everything lights but the engin won’t turn over. Please help.

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simon croskery when you turn your headlights on and try to start the engine, do the headlights lights dim? Did you double check your work? All cables properly connected? Also, excuse my own ignorance but a 61 plate is a what year? 2011? I assume it's a UK model ;)


Yer 2011. Lights don’t dim. Just a clicks when you turn the ignition on. Battery was disconnected overnight when I went for the new one. Could it be immobilised?


@simon.croskery let's see what we can find out. I do have the manual for the US model but it does seem to e considerably different. Let me check for the European.Model. Yes, it is possible that this is related to the immobilizer system since it detected that the electrical system was "tampered" with. Does the immobilizer light flash or any other indication? Hopefully you can resolve this without having to have the key reprogrammed etc.


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What good, I had this problem too its because they limit the access to your festia. So never get a festia again lol! So mine was beacuse i unplugged the battery and it would not start once i contcnted it agian. WHat you have to do is find a code for your car. This is a secutry code. YOU HAVE TO TYPE THE CODE PERFECT WHILE TURING THE KEY TO START THE CAR. its has to be super perfect. I got upset about it. And ford would not take it off. I went under the wheel and manually unplugged

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My ford overheating how to fix that


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