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Repair information for the Google Pixel 4a. Released on August 20th, 2020. Model number: GA02099-US.

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BLK SCREEN - any other screens able to connect to motherboard and work

I have a pixel 4a 4g with a black screen, phone is still functioning and beeps and rings, however, i can not answer. i am wondering if there is another 1080x2340 OLED from a google or other phone that would possibly have same ribbon connector and would display content so i can enter passphrase, make a new seedvault backup, make a signal backup, turn ON usb access to get my data to an new pixel 6. The screen assembly does not need to fit the chassis since i only need to retrieve my data. May be a long shot but it seems possible to me. Thanks.

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@jay_ell not that I have ever seen one. The situation we are dealing with is that manufacturers do not want you do have access to those parts at all. They do not want you to repair your device and they do not support DIY in any way. There is a reason why they change the display connections and connector even between versions of the same model. It forces us to buy a new screen instead of replacing from a previous model or even a different make. In your case you are bound to have to replace the screen with the same screen in order to complete your task.

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