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Whirlpool upright freezer WZF34X200W01 light & compressor not working.

My upright freezer light and compressor are not working. Power supply is good, already checked. What can be causing both to not work at the same time.

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Here’s the Tech Sheet W11182032 Revb for the freezer that may help.

Try getting into the diagnostic test mode as described by the sheet and check for any errors that are shown.

if it won’t get into the diagnostic mode and since the light doesn’t work either there may be a problem with the control board (p/n W11496886)

Was there a power outage or storm just before the problem occurred with the freezer?

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I will follow the instructions on the sheet and see what I can do. No power outages that I’m aware of.


Still nothing. I am unsure of where the control panel is located. The manual says there is a fuse somewhere but I have no idea where. My first time trying to fix a freezer.


Would not get into diagnostic mode.


@Annastaisha Portlock

There may be a fuse on the control board but it is not shown on the wiring diagram.

There is a fuse for the defrost heater but this wouldn't affect the control board, only the heater.

To get into the diagnostics you need to locate the control board NOT a control panel.

The board will have 4 LED on it plus a switch. To enter the diagnostics you need to press the switch on the control board AND the door light switch at the same time and hold for 5 seconds.

Once all the 4 LEDs light up you are in the diagnostic mode.

Since the freezer light is also not working the next step would be to prove that 120V AC is at the control board on CN1 terminals 4 & 1

If you don't know how to test for potentially lethal AC voltage then don't do it! call a repair service


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