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Mate 20 de Huawei annoncé en octobre 2018 à Londres. Le modèle Global HMA-L29 est disponible avec 4/6 Go de RAM et 64/128 Go de stockage. Configuration à trois caméras, batterie de 4200mAh et capteur d'empreintes digitales sur l'arrière.

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Is it possible to replace the charging port?

Is it possible to replace the charging port of my phone since I have problems charging my phone. It has problems with some USB-C cables and I have to tuck them in a very special way, also fast charging doesn't work anymore.

Where can I find replacement parts (and maybe a guide)?

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It is possible, but unless you have some experience soldering tiny wires, you may do more damage than good. Lots of shops replace charge ports for alot less than the cost of your phone. If you still want to DIY I’d practice on something else first. You’ll need some tools, so the cost may be no less than just going to a shop unless you already have everything.

As for parts, I usually just buy on Amazon or eBay, but a google search will find plenty of sellers, depending on where you live. is a good site for parts too.

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