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Samsung 75″ Class 4K UHD (2160P) Smart LED TV (UN75JU641DFXZA)

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No images, backlight is ok.

No images, but backlight is working. make click sound when press the remote buttons. when change the chanels backlights goes dim and comes back on. sometimes when turn on bottom part of display comes and goes. changed the Tcon card. still issue is same. when disconnect the power to Tcon card some horizontal line pop ups and there any suggestion to get this tv working.

Thank you

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Basically i changed all the boards including power supply, main board, tcom, and etc. but still issue is same.


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sandun chathurange sounds like you might be doing to much at once. This “change the chanels backlights goes dim and comes back on” is not a T-con board issue. That is a backlight issue. You did not tell us if you have sound. Also let us know how you checked this “No images, backlight is ok.” It’s a Samsung so you would only have to disconnect the wire from the power board to the main board. Your backlight should come on. If it does not it’s your power board that is failing. This “when disconnect the power to Tcon card some horizontal line pop ups and go” is not something you should be doing since it really will not show anything and might be more confusing. From what you have done thus far, it sounds more like a main board issue than anything else. Go ahead and measure the voltages on the power board connector going to the main board. Let us know what those voltages are, so we can determine if your main board sends the appropriate signals. Of course, a failed panel is always an option but unlikely. Check everything else first.

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voltages measured ok for main and tcon board . it has sound . we can here click sound when press the buttons. volume goes up and down with volume buttons .sometimes picture come on when turn on . goes away quickly.


@sandun chathuranga if you cahnged all the boards and things are not improving then the only thing left is a panel error. The board that directly attaches to the panel, does that look ok? Anything on there that looks odd (Charred, missing etc.)?


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