Camera and screen damaged after back glass replacement?

Yesterday, I did a DIY back glass replacement on my phone, because it was cracked for a while. After opening it up it turned out the battery was very slightly swollen, so I replaced that too.

Before gluing the new back panel on, I double checked all features of the phone and everything was fine. After putting it on, I discovered that the rear camera no longer works, and a few hours later a vertical green line developed on the screen.

After messing around with it for a while, the camera did start, although I’m not sure what I did - it showed weird color artifacts at first, but after switching to the front-facing camera for a second and then back they disappeared and everything was fine for a few hours… but after leaving the phone overnight, it’s not working again.

Can you think of what I could have done wrong to cause this? Did I apply too much pressure somewhere (seems unlikely, but it’s the only reason I can think of)? Is there a chance that this damage is not permanent, and removing the back glass again and reapplying it would somehow fix it?

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