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Seagate external HDD Drive 8TB Model#: SRD0PV1 Models of differing size likely have the same casing.

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Seagate backup plus desktop drive 4tb turns on and off.

STDT4000100 Seagate backup plus desktop drive 4tb turns on and off while connected to my computer.

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Probably a power supply issue. Just make sure the (12V 1.5A look on the label on yours) polarity is correct. You will usually see a little diagram with three cirlces. The first will have either a + or a - symbol with a line to the edge. The third will be like the first but with the other symbol and a line going to the black dot in the centre. If it is not the power adapter then the drive enclosure may be the problem.

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It was the USB power-saving feature.



There you go Ben, a simple solution. Good one!


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