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A lower end smartphone released in March, 2014 running the Android operating system. Also known as Nokia Normandy, Noxia A110, and Nokia X Dual SIM RM-980. Repair of this device is similar to other smart phones and requires a screwdriver and prying tools.

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Forgotten pin code for Nokia G10

My daughter has reset her Lock Screen pin and can’t remember what it is. Is there a way to unlock or reset the device or even someone I could send it to?

It’s a Nokia G10

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My Nokia g10 has no sound everywhere... what should i do?


الهاتف يعلق كثير


الهاتف يعلق كثير في تفسيره


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Hi Bret,

I also had this problem recently. I have found a working solution on this article:

I've used "method 3" from the list, so you may need some IT knowledges :)

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Use Google's "Find My Device" tool to erase the phone remotely.

Make sure the phone is turned on, and open this link from a computer:

Sign in to the tool with the Google credentials you used when you first set up the phone. Choose the phone on the list, and click ERASE DEVICE. This will erase the phone and allow you to enter a new PIN.

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