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Released in 2009, identified by model number 81114L.

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My laptop will not stay powered on

the green power light on my sony vaio laptop will turn on, but then it will act like i had shut it off manually without cutting off power.

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Gentry Morgan you have checked your power adapter to make sure that it is still working? you checked the DC port on your computer to make sure it looks okay and is not missing anything. What about the battery? Have you changed it yet? Does it still hold a charge when you disconnect the computer from the power adapter?

Update (03/17/2022)

You need to measure the power on the connector end to see if you get the power there. After that traces it to see where it may be shorted etc. You have not told us if it works on battery power.

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yes, the power jack is missing the middle part, i already ordered a new part. Thanks.


The laptop will not boot, even after i put in the new power jack. I dont think that its getting proper voltage.


It will not work on the battery, either.


Have you changed your battery or is it still the original? If it is the original it could be quite old and no longer taking or holding a charge. That could change things. If the DC power and the battery do not work you are having issues with the power circuitry within your computer.


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