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Fix Loose USB Port on Acer Switch V 10?

Hi, looking for a service manual and advice. My Acer Aspire Switch V 10, SW5-017P, has a loose, wobbly USB-C port. Still connects but can’t maintain the connection. I’ve been unable to find any guidance for repairs on the SW5-017P. There is an ifixit guide for an SW5-012 model, but that has a separate circuit board for the USB-C port. I found a photo of an SW5-017P motherboard, and the USB-C port is connected directly to the motherboard. Might it be possible to repair the port?

Added 3/22: I don’t have the tools to open up the tablet, and there are several variations of the SW5-017 series, but I think the USB-C port is mounted as shown in these photos of SW5-017 parts. Either directly to the motherboard (most likely for Generation 1 USB-C?) or on a daughterboard:

Block Image

Block Image

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Just to make sure I'm understanding the question correctly, this is the port that is attached to the main Mother Board?


Yes, it's attached to motherboard


And no dirt or forgone objects are in the port?


Port is very clean. The tablet has hardly ever been used by me until recently, and is in excellent condition except for the USB-C port. It’s a refurb that is in a case and was stored in a zippered neoprene sleeve, so it’s never had an opportunity to get dusty. Used only with hard drive and ereader USB-C cables that are also clean and stored in cases when not in use.


Could you please upload a picture of the USB-C port and your motherboard? I think I have an idea of what the issue is, but I need a picture to confirm it.

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So the cool thing is that the port can be fixed, but there are a few stipulations. Now if the port has become free from the board then it would require micro-soldering skills. Their are a few members of iFixit with this skill who troll the forums every once in a while, but you can find their information here.

Additionally, if you are comfortable with opining the tablet up then you could replace the board that the port was connected to. Although this is assuming that the port is connected to the daughter board, and not the main logic board.

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Thanks, Jacob. I’ve ordered tools from ifixit to open up the tablet and see what the situation is. I’ve built multiple desktops and have done some soldering, but have never worked on a tablet or done micro-soldering. Much appreciate the link, thank you very much!


Always a pleasure to help someone out Sue! If you do end up opining the device up definitely write about it here.


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