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2nd Generation high performance tablet computer released by Apple on June 2017. Model A1670.

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Is it possible to use a 2015 (1st Gen) screen on at 2017 model?

I have a 2015 1st gen screen and an absolutely smashed 2nd gen screen I took out. I did not notice until I started that the home buttons cable was way to short on the replacement screen which was a 1st gen. I was wondering if its possible to just put on a 2015 home button and reconnect it to the body of the iPad

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have you removed the broke screen yet? if so lay them side by side and see if the ribbon cables match up. if so there is a possibility. but knowing how apple hardware locks stuff id venture to say probably not.

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I have removed it. The ribbon cables do match up but I am worried about the touch ID. Right now it looks like getting a new one is more worth it than getting a 400$ 2nd gen screen.


@ashleyfixz if thats the case id make sure you can return it if it wont work. again with apple its hit or miss on other hardware working at all to be honest. there has been alot of problems with trying to use the same stuff for their electronics and having it not work.


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