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La Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), ou simplement Super Nintendo, est une console de jeu 16 bits lancée par Nintendo en 1990. La Super Nintendo était l'une des meilleures ventes de son époque et compte encore aujourd'hui beaucoup de fans.

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No Power Issue SNES

My SNES has stopped working, measuring the output of the power cord, the max I got was 1 volt, does this mean it is the power cables fault? This all started when the console fell, so I have checked the insides of the console and the charger, the console looked completely fine on the inside. I tried to measure from the chargers transformer itself but I don’t know which parts to put my prongs on. Most likely I think it’s the cable, I don’t think it’s the power connector itself, I have measured around the same voltage on the console itself that I did on the power cable. On Continuity mode, I put one prong on one of the power prongs, one on the other side of the cable, no beeping.

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We have found that this issue can be caused by using an underpowered AC adapter or power source. The problem can be resolved by using a licensed AC adapter. You can purchase one from the Nintendo Store. If a licensed AC adapter is unavailable, you can try using a different AC adapter that is rated as 5V/1A. Now i am sharing this helpfull answer No Power Issue SNES- apkbik


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