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The optional mobile computing cart with a space-saving design makes it easy to charge, manage, and store up to 36 systems at once. An LED light lets teachers easily see that all devices are actively charging.

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Why does my keyboard not respond?

I bought my chromebook refurbished about three months ago, and the keyboard isn't quite working right. When I type fast or the internet connection is slow, not all of the keys respond and the backspace bar freezes, resulting in mixed words with multiple missing letters, such as veins to showashe bms mo agrsseandolt wihe child. This is supposed to say begins to show as he becomes more aggressive with the child (this is from an essay I'm writing, don't question it). Is there any way I can fix this or should I send it somewhere?

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typing generally around the system or online such as Google docs?


It happens wherever I try to type if that's what you're asking


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So a couple of things might be causing this issue. For starters, you're going to want to Power Wash your device. If something like an application is causing your CPU to be bogged down that might be the culprit.

I would also open the device up and check to make sure the keyboard cable is seated correctly. In addition, I have seen a few Chromebooks where the ribbon cable for the keyboard is creased by the battery. This causes damage to the cable and will result in the connection to the logic board not being complete. If you do open the device up definitely take pictures and upload them here.

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