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Fondée en 2009, vivo est une entreprise technologique chinoise qui conçoit et fabrique des smartphones.

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LED screen started with one line and now has 6 lines

Every few months, a brand new line appears on my vivo x50 pro screen. It started of with one line and now it is at 6 in span of 4 months. Did not drop my phone, no cracks or scratches. Can I know what causes this and how to fix it? It's been a year only.

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7th line is here. Can I have more suggestions please?


Yes definitely 😁

My has gone18 lines


My phone vivo x50 pro green 2 line


Looks like all Vivo curve phone having this issue, China Made what u can expect ???


My phone vivo x50 pro green 2



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Naressh Thiagaraj et al it does not matter how many lines. If you checked your LCD connector and it looks good and the cable is properly seated, you know that you need to replace the LCD display next. You may get more lines as the screen continues to fail.

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Check the ribbion is fully seated on both sides. Sometimes you may need to replace it.

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Replace just the ribbon or the entire led panel?


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