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Lancé le 20 septembre, le plus grand et plus cher smartphone Apple de l'année 2019 impressionne avec son écran OLED de 6,5 pouces, sa caméra à triple objectif et l'amélioration de l'autonomie de sa batterie. Il succède à l'iPhone XS Max.

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Do I replace the cunductive foil adhesive under qi charger?

I am replacing the rear housing on my iPhone 11 pro max and when peeling the wireless charger up there was a thin metal adhesive under it that I could not peel up without destroying. The housing I bought as a replacement does not have this adhesive on it so my question is do I need to find something to replace it because it looks like some sort of grounding material and if I do need to where can I find something that will be suitable to use. Thanks for anyone who answers.

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Not really necessary. Alot of back glass replacements don't change this with no issues.

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If you don't ever use wireless charging, then it's not required.

If you do, these adhesive layers serve to concentrate the inductive power transfer, making it more efficient, also it shields the rest of the phone away from induction to reduce the likelihood of interference.

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Ok that's what I figured it wasn't necessary but might serve to concentrate the induction or something of the sort. Thanks for the help time to twist a ton of tiny screws back into it and be done with it.


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