Water line frozen and deli draw frozen temps in fridge uneven

I have a GE Profile fridge model PYE22KSKFSS. The water line is frozen so no water is getting to the ice maker or being dispensed. Also the deli draw food is frozen and the temperatures in the fridge are uneven. We have tried moving things around to make sure nothing is blocking the air flow, but it seems that the air is not moving properly in the fridge. Any help would be appreciated.

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If there's a defrost cycle (check your owner's manual) there may be a fault with either the defrost cycle allowing frost buildup creating icing and blocking airflow as well as freezing the water line. One way would be to turn off the refrigerator for 24 hours, move frozen food into a another freezer and use up all refrigerator food to allow a long defrost cycle without power. This may melt any hidden frost buildup. Restart and see if this refrigerator goes back to normal over the next few days.


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