iPad Pro 3rd gen pencil dock broken

So 2 weeks after my apple care service expired, my apple pencil 2 stoped charging when magnetically attached to my iPad Pro 3rd gen. Apple's official service won't open the iPad, their answer is, we don't open iPads, we just replace them (like a thousand dollars).

I've searched EVERYWHERE for this inductive charger dock, to no avail. Is my iPad now pretty much useless forever or will I find a way to ifix it? I am thinking about disassembling it just to see if the connector got loose and I can fix it just by re plugging it in. But if the dock is broken I will have torn everything apart for nothing. So, I'd appreciate some help.


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Hey man, have you managed to find the part or a solution to the problem? I am in the same boat


Hello, sorry for the late response, no I haven't, the iPad is just collecting dust. I've now purchased the adhesive for the screen, I will tear it down and see if it is just a matter of re connecting the thing or it is dead, cause I've been trying to find that part for ages to no avail. Even looked for destroyed ipads to scavange that but haven't find one cheap enough for it to be worth it


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