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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the EasyNote TJ65-CU-030GE, a 15.6" budget laptop by Packard Bell.

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DVD replacement with SSD drive on LS11HR PB laptop

Packard Bell Easynote LS11HR

Hello, DVD drive connect to motherboard with SATA1,2,3?
I have 500gb HDD & DVD rom, which i want to swap with old HDD or new SSD, if I place old HDD on DVD place - new SSD better placement to DVD or HDD slot?
What is the best option, according to speed, generation of SSD which can be mounted

Sorry for my eng.)

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bill, thats exacly whats im talking about!)


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I replaced an HDD with an SSD as the system drive and put the HDD in the DVD slot.

You need an adapter. If I needed the DVD, I could just swap it out.

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