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The Barreto model E718MTH-4S is an 18-inch hydraulic trencher produced by Baretto Manufacturing, Inc. This machine is designed for digging trenches in "normal" ground of reasonably soft dirt and stones up to 3" (15cm) in diameter.

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How fast will it dig a 6 inch deep trench in sandy soil?

I need to dig 850ft of shallow trench in sandy soil, but the top layer is compacted by walking on it (garden aisles in a community garden). We'll be laying flexible pipe in it at only a depth of 6 inches or so. How long might expect this to take? No rocks at all.

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Information I've found says it is capable of up to 23ft/minute in reverse, so that's a little over half an hour. It is a very shallow trench with no rocks, so I'd dare to say it should take less than an hour, to be safe. That's 14ft/minute.

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