One side not working bluetooth beats solo 1st gen

Okay welp i started up my ole beats (solo wireless 1.0 (1st generation)) and one side (right) of my headphones dont work.

I tested it with wired (aux) both sides work, but not wirelessly.

“Reset” the device, no change.

Connected to another device, no change.

Opened it up and i dont see any wires being loose nor dirt. I think i know what cables i’ll need to look at (red and white) but i am not that experienced with headphones (first time for headphones), or soldering, but we gotta start somewhere. Not sure what to look for. included photos, blue star is left, red star is right. Green circle is where i think the problem is.

as of now the only thing ive done is taken the plate off to get photos

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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